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<strong>Zeeuws kapje.</strong><br>
        For Queensday 2010, an orange hat was designed that refers to the<br>
        traditional hats women used to wear in the province of Zeeland. <strong>Rain, but no pain.</strong> Despite the rain people were in a good mood. <strong>Flowergirl.</strong><br>
        A few children were chosen to hand out flowers to the Royal family. This girl had the honour to hand out flowers to the Queen. <strong>Cheers.</strong><br>
        Two people watching everything - whilst eating cake - from behind a window. <strong>Princess Laurentien.</strong><br>
        Made a little detour to shake peoples hands and talk with them. A lovely young girl is looking at her mobile phone,<br>
        whilst sitting on a sculpture. I love the bright colours this girl is wearing.<br>It makes her shine from inside. <strong>Left.</strong><br>
        This picture has something really funny. Everything seems to lean over to the left ... A Tibettan man resting on a bench in the mainstreet. Girl in the crowd. Two young women having fun whilst sitting in the sun.