New years wish 2006/2007. Made of several excisting images (dove, globe, hands). 2006 <strong>Family tree.</strong><br>
        Made for the website of genealogy of the Haase-family. Excisting image (oak tree), combined with selfmade images (house and ladder). 2006 <strong>Orange theatre.</strong><br>
        Made for the website of Richard Carr. The image is made of several photographs that we made of the Roman theatre in Orange, France. In the next graphic you will find the original photo's I used to make this compilation. 2005 <strong>Orange theatre.</strong><br>
        The original photo's I used to make the previous compilation. 2005 <strong>Ismay and Caesar.</strong><br>
        Selfmade photograph of Michaelangelo's sculpture Dusk and Dawn, combined with selfmade photographs of my cats, Ismay and Caesar. <strong>GGD Wide Web.</strong><br>
        During the time that I worked for GGD Zeeland, they started with the GGD Intranet. I assisted the communication advisor to set up this Intranet and came up with the name 'GGD Wide Web'. I also designed Gé, the spider that weaves the web. To promote the GGD Wide Web and to remind the employées of GGD of the excistance of the intranet, I created quite a few images for internal newsmagazines. The following images, are some of these images I made for the GGD Wide Web. The image above is the icon for desktop on all GGD computers, to get access to the GGD Wide Web. 2005 <strong>Gé.</strong><br>
        The spider that weaves the web. We gave him the name Gé. Based on an excisting image. On his back the word 'GGD' is written. 2005 <strong>Gé in web.</strong><br>
        The spider weaving it's web. 2005 <strong>Hey, good idea!</strong><br>
        The spider has his thumbs up (excisting image). It's holding a billboard that says: ''Hey, good idea! On the GGD Wide Web as well.'' ('Hey, good idea' was a project to motivate employees to send in good ideas about and for their work.) 2005 <strong>Spring / autumn.</strong><br>
        The spider is wearing boots (excisting image) for the rain and an umbrella (based on an excisting image). 2005 <strong>Spring.</strong><br>
        The spider has a lot of little spider kids. 2005 <strong>Spring.</strong><br>
        The spider has a lot of little spider kids in it's web. 2005 <strong>Spring; Easter.</strong><br>
        The spider is wearing bunny ears and a bunny tail (excisting images). The billboard says: 'Hop by on the GGD Wide Web'. 2005 <strong>Summer; holidays.</strong><br>
        The spider is sitting in a chair under a palmtree, enjoying a cool drink. The sign says: 'Gé wishes you very good summer holidays'. (Excisting images). 2005 <strong>Summer; refreshing breeze.</strong><br>
        The spider is sitting in it's web in a palmtree. A ventilator makes a nice refreshing breeze. (Excisting images). 2005 <strong>Summer; swimming.</strong><br>
        The spider is snorkeling when he discovers this shark swimming towards him. (Excisting images). 2005 <strong>Summer; surfriding.</strong><br>
        The spider is surfriding. (Excisting images). 2005 <strong>Summer; jump.</strong><br>
        The spider is standing on a diving board cliff and is looking down at the shark that is swimming in the water beneath him. (Excisting images). 2005 <strong>Summer; parachute jump.</strong><br>
        The spider is hanging under a parachute. (Excisting image). 2005 <strong>After summer; back to work.</strong><br>
        The spider is wearing a tie and a brief-case. (Excisting images). 2005 <strong>After summer; back to school.</strong><br>
        The spider is wearing a cap and a schoolbag. (Excisting images). 2005 <strong>Autumn.</strong><br>
        The spider is wearing boots (excisting image) for the rain. An inside out umbrella (based on an excisting image) and a tree (based on an excisting image) behind him show it's very windy. 2005 <strong>Winter.</strong><br>
        The spider is wearing a hat, scarf and gloves (excisting images) and is standing on a whole in a layer of ice. 2005 <strong>Winter; Sinterklaas.</strong><br>
        The spider is wearing the hat and the cane of Sinterklaas (Sante Claus is based on the Dutch Sinterklaas. The story is similar, but also different in some aspects. Excisting images). 2005